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Mani Source Mod (HELP)
errr.. hey

Im having problems install the mani mod!!!

The read me is so confusing!!!

Can someone please PLEASE help me with this???

What exactly do you find confusing? You need to be more specific.

Besides, afaik the readme of Mani Admin Plugin tells you step by step what to do, like create that folder, put that files in etc. It's all detailed and clear enough if you concentrate on it.
May the Source be with you...

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ok, i added all the folders in my


After that im confused!!!

I know u have to edit the admin list... but the readme confused me

Can someone give a example of your adminlist without the e.g etc...etc...etc

First of all are you trying to install it to a dedicated server or your home server?

Because most servers don't use that /counterstrike/ map.. that's the map located in the install root on your pc..

-=[HOME Dedicated Server]=-
If you are installing to you home pc you need to locate:
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\yourusername\
and use the map \source dedicated server\

Thats your $Base\ according to the Manimod install guide.

If that map isn't there you need to download the dedicated server from the steam app..

-=[Remote Dedicated Server]=-
Most Hosters place bin, cstrike & hl2 maps & srcds files in your server root..
Then the root is your $Base according to the Mani Mod install guide.

It could also be that your host made a map in the root of your server to store your bin, cstrike & hl2 maps & srcds files in...
That map is your $Base according to the Mani Mod install guide.

The Mani Mod install Guide:

Hope this helps..

The adminlist is easy.. the easiest way is to first download the dedicated server from the steam app to check wat your steamID is.. or if you know another name.. then add below the // the steamID or ip according to the guide..
This because the // is there so the mod DOESN'T read the example steamid's en ip's Wink

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