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Crashing on death and disconnect
We have a Windows TF2 server and I've noticed in the past couple of days it is crashing when I die, and it seems when I disconnect as well. I've successfully reproduced the crash by killing myself with sticky bombs on the maps stronghold_b5 and labor. I've played these maps on other servers so I'm fairly sure it's not just the maps causing the problem. HOWEVER, I can kill myself on 2fort without crashing the server.

Is there a server.cfg cvar that will enable debug logging, as the regular logs aren't logging any crash info and I don't have access to the command line/shortcut that starts the server.

The server is running Metamod:Source and SourceMOD with only a few SourceMOD plugins. I've also tried running the server without the mods running by commenting out the Metamod path in the gameinfo.txt file, but the server is still crashing.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there anything else I can try while waiting for the server host to reply to my support ticket, short of doing a reinstall?

Thanks for any help!
Sorry for the double post but this warrants a bump.

I've narrowed the crash down to some custom maps and through searching other forums found that changing mp_forcecamera from 0 to 1 fixes the crashing. Also, the server only crashes if there's a single person on the map and they suicide.

Anyone know of another workaround? Not too fond of forcing the camera to first person, but it's better than a crash.

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