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Help using WINE to run a gmod server
So I recently decided to turn my old pc into a server (3 GHz P4 CPU, 1gig DDR RAM). i installed Linux Ubuntu on it, CS:S runs fine. But when I tried to run Gmod I kept getting "fragmented files and core crash errors". So I did some research and found out i need WINE to run Gmod SRCDS on Linux. This being the first time I’ve used Linux the guide on the wine website does not make any sense at all. When ever I try to install wine it says that I need another part of the package but I can't find that package. Has anyone got a WINE install guide for a Linux n00b? I need an answer soon as I need Gmod SRCDS for a LAN party with some mates
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Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal

You will be given a white box with a line saying username@computername - this is where you type all commands. Now enter the command given below:

sudo aptitude install wine

This will take care of your wine install.

Now go back to the Garry's Mod site and start from the given link below. All commands in the boxes on that page, are to be typed into the Terminal just like you did to install wine.

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