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Multiple Dedicated servers insecure after a while

Im running a couple dedicated servers on my server and i get strange problems. Im running the servers on different ports 27015,27060,27045,27080

I have forwarded the basic ports 27000 until 27015 and other ports listed in some guides. But now the problem is, when i tesrtart a source server then it cant connect to steam servers. It will connect after i close all servers including the 1.6 servers and boot them one by one. So now the servers are connected, but after a while when the server changes map it goes insecure so not vac secure anymore and cheaters start to join the server. I need help here i think its something with the ports not forwareded correctly. the ports i forwarded are:

TCP Ports
27030 - 27039, 27015
UDP Ports
1200, 27000 - 27015, 27020

Then i forwarded 27060,27045,27080 all both TCP and UDP

So what can be the problem?

EDIT: I forwarded portrange 27000-28000 both udp and tcp and port 1200. But i found out that when i run 1.6 servers first and then run the source servers, the source servers cannot establish connection to steam servers all servers have different gameports. If i run the source servers first then the 1.6 all servers connect to steam but the source servers get insecure after mapchange.

EDIT2: Well i found out by adding my ip like this to the startup line -ip the servers would connect to the steam servers. Now prey they stay connected and dont get insecure. I will report it later.

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