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here is a solution to a common problem
YO ive been around lots in forums i no its a pain in the A** some times to find ur answer or get it so heres the deal...
ive messed around with source dedicated server lots especially hl2dm
and finnally found a solution to one of the common problems..
problem:people get Unknown comand admin in console..
this means that ur mani is not working/its simply not on basicly..
ive tryied reinstalling and serched forums for like a mounth pissed me the f*** off.. but finally figured out a dam solution u have to try an older version of mani my friend gave me a link i tryied and finally it said not authorized for admin thing in game im like woot its working adding your self is easy...and ive seen quit a few people wanting help with this so here simply add me to smugorman...and i will get ur mani working good
P.S im hoping this will take alot of load of some people and forums..
im doing it cuase i had the same prob and took me a mounth to find solution and i dont want people going through what i did
o and one more thing u need...winace or win ur server has to be responding to other people cuase i cant help u with that so if ur server has had other people play on it and u have the other stuff ur good
peace out hoping for some replies soon
P.s its way the hell quicker if u add me rather than post what u want help with here like osme have done..not that i mind to much cuase im here to help now so....w/e just thought id let u know
Hey, what version of Mani did your friend give you?
lol i for get web site but a really old one....but like i said please add me unless u dont have steam....but ill try to post some more info like a link to site or i could just put files on web some were and give u link or somthing cuase if i posted files all the numbers and shit would already be set up
I tried adding you on Steam but it said nonen were named that.
say it should work try adding my by this.....either smugorman...[xtremist²]қįﻜąmє...or by my email best
If I could understand the english in the top post, I might reply to it...;/

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