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slow map downloads
Hi all,

Hope you all can help im a bit new at hosting servers, im an IT techy so i have figured out a lot of it already to the point the server is up and running with some custom maps, trouble is ppl complain it takes ages to down the custom maps.

Is there a setting somewhere for the limit on download speed from the server to the client?

I have had a look through all the config files i can find and cant find anything.

If you're not using sv_downloadurl, maps will be downloaded from the game server at the current clients set rate. So most people using rate 25000, will only be able to download at roughly 25kB/s.

Using sv_downloadurl, you can introduce .htaccess or anything similar, for security and bandwidth purposes if desired. With sv_downloadurl, you bypass the client's set rates and download at a much faster rate (since its basically a http request to a web server).

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