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Free HLStatsX on TF2! (what they dont want you to know)
Hey Everyone,

This post is in response to the actions taken by the admins at As some of you may already know, last week, they decided to lock their public forums and only provide support for their paying customers. In my opinion, what they did is lame considering that they use several free plugins for their product and make a generous amount of money doing so. It’s a shame they couldn’t continue to follow the examples of people such as Mani or Mattie.

Either way, someone by the name of Lart has been working on making HLStatsX work on TF2. He has it working for both beetles mod and mani mod. There are some minor kinks he is still working out but it’s definitely to a point that it can be installed and enjoyed…. for free.

Lart has been kind enough to set up a small public forum where people who are interested in this version can talk freely without threads being locked. Come check it out;


Hey disconnect81 Smile

Good thing this is now being discussed again and can be taken further. Certainly the approach that was taken by hlstatsx developers was very poor.

And thanks to Lart...!

We have this running on all our tf2 servers...
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Thanks for posting disconnect81, you beat me to it Toungue
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