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Source TV Tweaking
I know theres a bunch of threads on this already, but I can't find any that clarify my questions...

I have 2 servers that I want to run Source TV on. A Pub, and Private.

I have different purposes for the Source TV on each, and I'm wanting to figure out the best way tweak the settings to take up the least amount of server resources/bandwidth

I'd like help on letting me know if the following settings are pretty much OPTIMAL for the respective Need..if not, what should i change..and are all of them necessary or will I need more?

NEED: I'd like only 2 or 3 clients to be able to connect to the SourceTV "server" at a time; for the purposes of being able to Spec certain people to see if they are hacking. this requires me to actually broadcast the "match" to a server giving the ability to SourceTV spectator clients to be able to switch which player they are spec'ing; Since I only want 2 or 3 clients at a time, I'm not looking to make relays or proxys...

tv_enable 1
tv_maxclients 3
tv_delay 120
tv_transmitall 1
tv_maxrate 5000

// Sub question: Are these settings simply added to my current server.cfg...if not where, and what settings DO need to get changed in the server.cfg?

need 1: MOST of the time: I'd like to be able to have my admins run a preset rcon command (most likely from mani menu) that will make the server record a demo. Then be able to view that demo from any client(assuming they've been sent the demo file) and be able be their own "camera" man...switching to any player's POV.

server.cfg settings
tv_enable 1
tv_maxclients 0

script the admins run
tv_record <filename>
tv_transmitall 1 // Is this one necessary?

Need 2: Every now and again I'd like to be able to allow my clan members not in Game server to view the match live, and not wait for the demo to be made (but I'd still like the demo to be made).

server.cfg settings would naturally be default as the ones right above...Would I need to edit the config file and reboot the server? or could I simply have one of admins run a different script...something like...

tv_delay 120 // does increasing this, decrease resource reqs? if so; where does the diminishing return start?
tv_maxclients 10
tv_transmitall 0 // auto director would be fine for this
tv_maxrate 5000 // see last question..

Last question about the maxrate. Both the pub and private are running at 100tick, Now that you see what my needs are and how I'm going to be using Source TV, is this a good number to be at? what effects might I see by decreasing/increasing it?


I know I'm asking a lot of questions here, but I'm really wanting to get this up and running at peak conditions within the first 2 or 3 tries..plz help me out...Oh..almost forgot to ask..

tv_snapshotrate <n>
Sets world snapshots broadcasted per second by SourceTV (master only). -- what does this mean?

tv_delaymapchange <0|1>
Delays the map change on game server until rest of buffered game has been broadcasted -- HOW exactly does this work?? would it extend my set Maptime?? sounds like an infinite loop situation
Anybody?? please?

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