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Folder Structure
Whats the best folder structure to run HLDS for Hl1 and Hl2 + Source, etc?

I want to run HLDS for DOD, CS:S, HL2MP.

If Im not mistaking DOD files cant be in the same folder as HL2 files. RIght?

So does this mean i have to run two seperate hldsupdatetool.bin in two different directories?

Or just seperate folders for game that are hl1 and hl2?

Like, /home/hlds/hl1games

Or should I do seperate users per game?
hlds for half life
srcds for all source games

1 game server per folder

You can run more than 1 server per install.

cs source and hl2mp from the same install are fine.
2 cs source servers from the same install are fine.

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