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Help! How can I set the respawn wait time in TF2?
Hi people,
I need to change the wait time for respawn in TF2. Do you know a server cvar or a config line to put in server.cfg?
Thanks all.
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you need to load beetlesmod to do that at the moment, there's no native cvar that i know that will change it as the times are hardcoded into each map.
Alternatively you can edit the maps with ented...
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There are also some mods which let you change the locked varz.
I would recommend BM, it works very well Smile
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I prefer sourcemod myself, but any mod that lets you access those hidden cvars, the one you want is "mp_respawnwavetime". 0 is instant spawn, default is 10.
For sourcemod thre is TF2 Fun Cvar, it enabled respawn time tweak, FF on/off, alltalks on/off, and gravity settings :
you don't need a 3rd party plugin to do that with sourcemod....
you can just do sm_cvar mp_respawnwavetime 5
I like using 5

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