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TF2: Map End Voting that WORKS?
I'd like to implement map voting at the end of every map (for either case - round ends after X total wins, or timelimit reached).

Does anyone know of a WORKING end-of-map addon that works? I've tried Mani - while the votemap function works fine, the end of map functionality does not. I've reported this in the mani forums, and it seems i'm not alone with this. I've pored over the faqs and I know my configuration is correct as well. I've tried it both as a server plugin and a metamod plugin as well.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd really like to have this working.
I use Beetles Mod and it works fine as to my knowledge. Plus, Beetle is REALLY fast and responding to users. So if you want something added or fixed, it will normally be added quite quickly.
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sourcemod works great.
it owns the living crap out of beetlesmod in my opinion
I use Mani 1.2S works fine
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