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srcds.exe -command update...
Hi fellas!

Need help!

What is this meaning of:

>>> couldn't locate/find installation folder <<<

This appears right after I start the update on a FRESH installation!!

I tried first on drive d:, then I thought it might be the problem, he can't find it because of the partition. So I installed it on drive c:, but that didnt fixed my problem Sad

maybe its "normal" this message in the "cmd", but my problem is, when I've also installed an admin plugin, and the server contains lets say 20 players, it takes a HALF MINUTE, before the FIRST!! "bar" appears in the loading procedure >>> players always cancel within a mapchange, cause of the too long duration > the may think server has crashed! :/

Thx for any hints!

Try setting your maps to be downloaded from a web server to reduce the increased upload requirement from the server because if people don't have them it will delay the time it takes to load for the rest of the players also try adding more ram to the server as this worked on my server.

How much ram has it got in the first place first though?


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