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TF2 Inportant note on first install
ok i have seen this a few times on a few forums

basicly if you see

AppFramework : Unable to load module bin/!
Unable to load interface VDataCache003 from bin/

you will get about 4 people telling you to run
-debug ( doesnt say much )
-verify_all ( doesnt allways help )

this is what helped me and more that one or 2 others ...

you should install the HalfLife multiplayer DS first , THEN tf2 on top of that.


./steam -command update -game hl2mp


./steam -command update -game tf

this fixed a ton of stuff for me ( mostly a bunch of missing files )

then if your unlucky to have a AMD XP , you will get slews of bad bone data messages and your SOL. ( note this acctully broke my grub once while running as root , DONT RUN AS ROOT ) heh

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