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Mani 1.2s Orange(TF2) & CPU Usage

I have a windows 2003 dedicated server, it's a quadcore intel machine with 4GB of RAM and a 10mbit line bustable to 100mbit.

Like everyone else, I was pumped to see mani's return! I put his plugin on our TF2 server right away. a few days latter, all servers on the box were noticing lag, when I looked in to the issue I saw that the tf2 server was using up to 48% of cpu. I removed mani and tested without it, with the server full (24/24), I was maxing at 14% cpu without the plugin loaded.

Just a heads up about my encounter. Im not sure if anyone else has noticed the same on their dedicated servers.


Thanks, you might wanna put that warning on Mani's forums.
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yea, i posted there before here Smile
Thanks for the heads up Disconnect. I run Mani & will watch that.
I use Beetle's Mod and it works great with TF2.
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I think ill wait for the next mani, since all my other servers use mani, its nice to be able to use the same files for them all. (ie. clients, reserved slot, etc)

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