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I have a packet filter in place on me 2003 server box, it filters INBOUND and OUTBOUND. I was able to put in place the appropriate inbound filtering, but as I do not know the OUTBOUND required ports for hldsupdatetool.exe the tool simply doesn't work. It will run but fails to connect to a content server saying no route to host, as this is due to it not being able to communicate outbound.

Can someone list me all the OUTBOUND ports/protocols needed to get the hldsupdatetool.exe to work as well as any other services related to Source dedicated servers and steam?

Also, I will not disable the packet filter, as there really is no need to disable it as long as the correct ports are opened inbound/outbound.

Use wireshark to sniff the packets?
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Mooga Wrote:Use wireshark to sniff the packets?

Yeah, I can do this, I just thought someone in these forums would already have the answer. Might be something worth finding out and posting about...
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I need this info too. I have pfsense box now and I need to manually setup outbound NAT.

Wireshark definitely has 26901 on outbound when I am running TF2 but I am still not showing up in steam. I have all the inbound ones set. You can direct connect but not listed in Steam. Do I have to map all outbound same as inbound?

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