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Server lag
Hey all, in the past i have been able to run a 20 man css server (filled up) with no lag and all pings below 100. When iam running my TF2 server it seems as if the pings are spiking up then dropping down really fast, and it happens to everyone in the server

the specs of the server machine are its a 2.79ghz p4 1.0gb of ram.

my upload speed is cable between 2000kb/s and 5000kb/s, its usually more towards the 5.

the rates are as follows

sv_minrate 4000
sv_maxrate 19200 ( i did that formula thing like upload speed*128/players)
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20

any idea why its lagging so bad for everyone? iam stumped.
That is odd. For me, I am able to host more players on my TF2 server than I could before with my DOD:S server.

Maybe try checking your upload speed? Then if that looks OK just lower the number of players to 16 or so and see if that helps. Finally, I'd check if there are any other things or stuff that's running on your CPU that is either sucking up the bandwidth or sucking up the CPU processing.
(asuming you have your server ON when you do this)try to open your task manager go to processes search for " srcds "(i dont know what TF2 uses to run the server but just search for the one thats running it it maybe is srcds but i hope you know that) right click on it go to " set priority " and put it on high. then the sevrer ping would fall down Toungue.
Thanks for the replys =). it does not seem to be the max players thats the issue, the server pings spike even when its like 3 or more people, and from what i can tell nothing is running in the background, and if there was somthing i couldnt see how it would effect the tf2 server and not the css server. Iam on a cable network in a very low populated area so from all the tests of my upload speed i havnt seen it drop below 2000kb/s. And thanks for the second reply, i just set the priority to high, ill let ya know how it goes =).
I just saw another post up here with the same problem. Maybe try to lower your update rates??? Here's what I have (but I have only 768 K up)

sv_minrate 4000 // Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 = unlimited. Default: 0
sv_maxrate 9999 // Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 = unlimited. Default: 0
sv_minupdaterate 10 // Minimum updates per second that the server will allow. Default: 10
sv_maxupdaterate 45 // Maximum updates per second that the server will allow. Default: 60
//decalfrequency 10 // Amount of time in seconds a player can spray their decal. Default: 10
//fps_max 150 // Frame rate limiter. Default: 300
I had another idea for you cpt.joo. Start up windows media player and leave it running. For some reason that boosts my framerate on my server from like 64.2 to 256. I read a post back somewhere suggesting to do this so I always do it. Maybe it will help you.
Check this out High Resolution Timer Service. Like Media Player, but always on.

truthly i havnt been able to test it yet =/ as people dont normally like to join servers with 1 person =p. But i have been using the srcds pingbooster thing, its not a question of the fps its that the ping spikes when a few people get in the server.
There is no such thing as a pingbooster only a fpsbooster. Are you running your css server at the same time? Is that working properly?
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sorry thats what i ment fps booster. and no when i run the css server i take the tf2 server down so they do not run together.
Ok. Is your CSS server experiencing lag? If it is then something must have changed in your computer. So the server runs properly up to 2 people, then a huge lag spike. Hmmm can you measure your bandwidth uses during these lag spikes?
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
yea the CSS server runs like a charm. I will try to measure the bandwidth during the spikes. Right now iam also defragging the pc as i can see that hasnt been done in ages, but i cannot see how that would make one server run good and the other not.
Hey i finally got some of the info about the server bandwith. I ran the speakeasy test when i had just ONE other dude in the server ( i ran it on the comp with the server) and it came up with a 720kbps upload... it dropped by nearly 3/4 of what i should be getting. I ran the speed test on the same comp as i run the game off off and i get a 1571kbps upload, which is still 1/2 of what i was getting. It could be just that time of night or somthing but, could the network card be faulty on the server machine?
Update again sorry, i got 7 people to join and it went crazy again, the upload speed on the server went down to a whopping 29kbps and the download speed is only 59kbps, i some how made progress though i was able to have 4 in the server with no lag.
it is your cable provider, i'd bet they have something that watches the network and once a steady upload cap is reached they mess with your packets. it's to prevent torrents. comcast does this for sure and all the other ones probably do something similar.

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