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Successfully run SDS on PII laptop!
I just wanted to share that I was able to get a game of counterstrike: Source running on a Pentium II laptop with slackware linux.

(I even did the first few test runs while in gnome!)

I noticed a few people asking about hardware requirements, so I thought I'd post this, so those without server-class hardware wouldn't get discouraged.

On my local network I can get as low a ping as 26! I'll try from across the internet tonight.

I must say I will definitely be running all my future servers under linux!
Can you give more specific specs, like clockspeed and amount of memory? Also, were you the only one playing on the server? (try running some bots if you can)

Very nice though, and you even had Gnome running 8-).
May the Source be with you...

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I'll check out the stats next week (its at work right now) but all I know from looking at the outside is that it was an old gateway solo with a Pentium II (with MMX!)

I added about 3 bots to play around with, and it still worked out ok. (but not much better than ok!)

It sits across from a dual 1Ghz Zeon server with SCSI Raid and 1.5 GB of RAM running source dedicated server under slackware 10, so needless to say, the laptop doesn't get much play.

It does, however, make for a great place to test things out before putting it on our "production" server.

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