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I've been inactive on the boards for a indecent amount of time. School. I am back to managing my server now. Now, thats i finally got HLSS to work under Source, i need help with my server. I am not sure hows this can be accomplished, but theres is a definite trait distinguishing server that have better voice quality and those whose quality of players' voices is horrid. Theres got to be something that can be tweaked to improve such behavior. On default settings, my own server @ 5XX fps sounds rediculously horrible and im on lan with it too. I am thinking there exists some bandwidth per client limiting server variable or something of the nature that cripples the quality. Need any input that can help derictly or indirectly lead to any possible solutions. Thanks guys.
You can use different codecs to improve the voice quality, ofcourse the better you want the quality the more bandwidth will be used.

Try Googling for Speex, this codec can provide decent voice quality for CS:S.
May the Source be with you...

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