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Map installation question
I downloaded a map from the internet and it came in a zip file. In the root of the zip file was the map and a .res file, and a folder called sounds which had a subfolder called ambience which in it had a wave file.

I have 3 questions.

#1 How can I tell if this is a map that is compatible with CS:Source?

#2 Where do install all these files?

#3 Since I am running a Linux server, will I need to modify the contents of the .res files to fit a Linux directory scheme?

The map is awp_l337sk337
Just try out the map, and see for yourself if it's compatible or not.

The map should go in ../cstrike/maps/, the wav should be put in ../cstrike/sound/ambience/. The .res file should at least contain this:

"sound/ambience/<filename>.wav" "file"

Make sure it has slashes and not backslashes in it.

Now let's hope that what I said is more or less correct Wink.
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I didn't know they ported 1337sk337 to source.

anyways, as far as .res files for linux, it shouldn't matter what os you use, the directory structure for cstrike should be the same for windows and linux.
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yes but there ARE maps that aren't compiled for linux compatibility. if the mapcrashes your server, it wasn't compiled with linux support.
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