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TFC2 - Server uses different class tables
I did a search on google and here and couldn't find anyone else having this issue.

I updated my server last night when the update came out and went to bed before trying it. When I tried it to today, I get this:

Disconnect: The server is using different class tables

It has done this to every user who has tried to connect. I tried deleting the InstallRecord.blob to see if it missed any files and re-ran the update tool but that didn't fix it. I removed mani from executing when the server starts from the gameinfo.txt... The tools says my install is up-to-date

Any suggestions?

Delete the server.dll file in orangebox/tf/bin and the engine.dll file in orangebox.bin

Run the updater with -verify all (and be sure to delete the 2 blob files before you run it).
Thanks bud!

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