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Team Fortress 2/Dedicated Server Update + 32 Player Bypass
Quote:Required updates for Team Fortress 2 and it's dedicated servers are now
available. Please run hldsupdatetool to update. The specific changes

- Improved compatibility for direct sound
- Deathcam screenshots now move the player id panel to the lower right,
and hide other hud elements until the freezecam fades
- Improved autobalance calculation code when determining who to switch
- Improved networking compatibility for some routers
- Fixed a crash during level init related to model loading
- Fixed issues on Dustbowl and Hydro that could occur when a server
emptied in the middle of a round
- Fixed a bug in the clientside player avoidance code, and smoothed it a
little more
- Further crash fixes related to paged pool memory usage
- Fixed scoreboard team scores label getting cut off
- Engineer buildings now explode when the Engineer dies during sudden
- Fixed a spy backstab exploit where you could stab a player who was not
facing away from you
- Fixed flailing at the low end of the cloak meter when the player gets
uncloaked automatically
- Fixed texture detail level setting "Very high" not being preserved
- Improved various error messages, and added links to steampowered
support pages
- Fixed scoring problem where destroying a buildable added a phantom
point, not attributed to any scoring bucket but still included in total
- Fixed honeypot server problems
- Fixed a rare crash caused by a medigun losing its owner
- Fixed an exploit that allowed disconnected medics to continue
ubercharging their target until they timed out
- TeamMenu now disables the spectate button if mp_allowspectators is
- Added a missing "cannot_be_spectator" localization string
- Re-added class count numbers above class buttons for non-zero classes,
in addition to the class images
- Removed prefixes (tc_, ctf_, etc.) from map names in various places
where they're printed
- Fixed some edge cases where grenades could go through player or
- Fixed rocket/grenade explosions being able to impart damage through
thin ceilings
- The Engineer's "build X" commands will now behave properly when bound
directly to keys


If you have a modded server.dll or file - it may no longer work. Here are the replacements:

v1.0.0.6 as of 25/10/07

32 Players (Linux):

(Currently doesn't allow your server to show on master server list)

Thanks to LIONz for providing.

32 Players server.dll & engine.dll (Windows):


Back-up your existing server.dll and engine.dll from /tf2/bin before replacing.

After you've replaced the files, go to /tf2/cfg/valve.rc and open this file in notepad or something similar. Add:

maxplayers 32

and add the usual:

+maxplayers 32

in your startup parameters.
is there anymore info on the networking compatibility? it still seems to not like being behind a NAT.

I'm working on a Linux version right now...

Also the updated versions should always be found here as well (Providing Valve doesn't do something drastic next update)

And you do not need to add maxplayers 32 into the valve.rc file.

Just run it with +maxplayers 32 and it will work fine
I have an update to the linux one for yesterday's update, and 1nsane is having me test the other mod to make the server show up in server browsers.
kilorat Wrote:I have an update to the linux one for yesterday's update, and 1nsane is having me test the other mod to make the server show up in server browsers.

Added the info from latest post there. Is the file provided by LIONz there the proper linux bypass to show on the server list or just a norm 32 player bypass?
Mine doesn't address the bypass issue, and I think the bypass has to be done in another file, not just
As soon as someone figures it out I'll make a patch for that too. 1nsane is working on it, I dont know who else is still trying.
Well when i change the engine.dll i getting this message "memory could not be read"
It all worked last night but when the server got the new steam update
I got that wrong message=(
And the server is shutting down.

Anyone have an idea why?

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