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tf2 server round settings waitingforplayers
I've been really banging my head -

some servers have a "waiting for players" or a "round restart" that delays when players join

I've tried adding mp_waitingforplayers 1 and it doesn't seem to do much.

Basically I'd like to give a delay to the round starting from the map starting and or waiting for x number of players before it starts - and I can't find the correct server.cfg setting

if it's "plugin" only I understand
mp_waitingforplayers_restart 1 // Set to 1 to start or restart the WaitingForPlayers period.
It comes with the server, I never even had to activate it, it just worked. I'm running linux. I dont know what determines if it is activated or not.

"mp_waitingforplayers_restart 1" is just a console command you can rcon or type at the console to manually force it to restart the clock to 30 seconds of waiting for players, it has nothing to do with turning the feature on or off.

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