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Getting more info from the logs

I just got a CS Source server running, and I'm writing a small app to aggregate player stats from the logs. I was wondering if there is a way to configure the server to provide as much detail in the logs as possible, I looked into a cvar called mp_logdetail, but it is not recognized by the source dedicated server (my guess is that it is not available in this version).

Is there something like mp_logdetail in the source dedicated server? is there a way to get more details in the logs? I'm especially interested in game play data (damage info, total shots, shots on target, etc.)


sv_logecho 1 in your server.cfg will log everything that shown in your server console. i.e. chat, commands executed, etc.
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Thanks for your reply.

The sv_logecho actually does the opposite, it mirrors everything that is logged into the console, but it does not show any additional information.


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