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Graceful shutdown

I run a small source DS that comes on only for a couple hours every day. Right now I have srcds and pingbooster startup with Windows, and with a registry hack srcds is forcefully quit at a certain time later when Windows shuts down automatically using windows scheduler. I've been looking for a way to automatically send rcon commands to the server so that I can notify players when time is up and to gracefully quit the server (right clients just hang when the server shuts down).

I looked at having an auto typer briefly, but didn't find one that I liked and I had to make sure the srcds console was in focus all the time. I also looked around google and found ogsrcon which seems perfect to me (command line rcon client which I can script with a .bat file) but seems like the oathill site is down =/

Does anyone have any suggestions, or know where to find ogsrcon?


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