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I have a virtual server provided by a company with 100Mps, I have set up a 32 man hrcds source server but i am experiancing lag problems. I got the recommended rates for the server from steampowered but they dont seem to work too good. Is there anyway I can stop the lag and what are the best rates to use?
well, stopping lag is easier done when you can figure out what is causing the lag. It might not even be bandwidth and rate settings. Check your cpu/ram usage and other programs running on your server.

Also, keep in mind that just because you have a lot of bandwidth, doesn't mean that the bandwidth is good. Like here in Hawaii, if you have a server and your ISP is Verizon DSL, it doesn't matter how much bandwidth Verizon gives you, the players will still ping at around 200.
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Yeah try doing a tracerout to your server and see how many hops you get, but yeah I agree that it depends of the quality of the transits your server comapny peers with.
A lot of providers choose to compromise on this and make significant financial savings by sending packets to Frankfurt and back again.
I would suggest you have a talk with you server comapany and see how they stand on peering with transit providers, but really unless you understand how the whole things work they could tell you complete BS

Certainly a 100mbps should not experiance notaciple lag, some gaming service providers put at least 64 slots on a 100mbps before they start to notice lag
Checked the cpu usage it peaks at 40% and there is near on a gig of ram free. I have looked further into this and have come to the conclusion that the virtual server provider is probably running high ratio's on there connection thus leaving me with less bandwidth. A change of provider is on its way.

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