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Resource consumption per user

I am in the process of setting up a dedicated srcds server for DOD:S. After a quick search of the forums I found a few questions about specific hardware / bandwidth, but nothing about general guidelines and recommendations.

When you buy a game it lists the minimum required hardware / software needs, it would be nice to have this data available for gamers looking to setup a srcds server

The following data would be great to have listed as a sticky in the forums.

1- Minimum Hardware requirements for linux srcds
2- Suggested hardware requirements for linux srcds
3- Average resource consumption per connected user when srcds is running.
• CPU per user
• RAM per user
• Bandwidth per user

Having this data readily available will help people make informed decisions when choosing a game hosting solution, virtual server hosting solution, or dedicated server hosting solution for srcds.
I have setup 2 virtual linux test servers at home, and srcds seems to use VERY few resources when the server is empty.

Server Specs:
Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz
4GB PC2600 RAM
SATA 150 drive array in RAID 5
Average use was 3% CPU and 30MB of RAM.

With numbers like this, a dedicated PIII with 512MB or more should work for smaller servers. A dedicated virtual server with 512MB or more on a high end box should work as well.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
This site has some useful estimates on average resource consumption per user:

Hope it helps!

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