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suddenly high ping
my windows 2003 sp2 css server have 40 slots.

there are 3x ping normally, but it suddenly go to 1xx-2xx, all people in server same high ping. about 15-30 seconds back to normal, but i use windows command prompt to ping server, it got 1x ping

my server have enough bandwidth, it can upload 20MB/s (1Gbps)
How's the processor doing?
If the processor (or other aspects) is maxed out it could effect ping the ping of everyone on the server.

I know that My server runs at 50% when full.
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processor just about 1x%

and server is not full
It definitely looks like Windows is doing something sneakily in the background. Try increasing the process priority of srcds and making sure you have all other background processes closed. Run a netstat to see what's running and listening for incoming connections. Also if you are feeling up to it, you could try running a traffic sniffer like wireshark to see if anything else is happening periodically (filter out the srcds ports or else you'll be spammed to oblivion with packets Wink ). There could potentially hundreds of root causes of this, but it boils down to either something clogging the processor or your bandwidth. Given that you've already pinged it and received a decent response time though, it's probably the former Smile
i set srcds.exe to higher priority, it happen again tonight, all people ping come to 5xx, then all people got kicked
If the processor doesn't spike up when the high latency occurs it would probably be a network connection. i would try to monitor the cpu usage and when the lag spike happens see if the cpu usage spikes as well. Also when the lag spike happens you should ping the server. because if you have regular latency in the game your going to have a lower latency when pinging. you would have to ping while everyone has the high latency.

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