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What is going on? (installing CS:S)
Okay I'm just stumped.

I've been trying to install a dedicated counterstrike:source server for the past two days, each time I got errors relating to cant find or use a *.so file.

Today I gave up lock stock and barrel and deleted the entire css server folder and started the download process again, only to find that the files werent even remotely similar.

Whereas beforehand (and keep in mind, I had this server working three days ago, before switching from Fedora Core 7 to CentOs 5), to start the server I used srcds_run - this program not only did not exist, but from all accounts never did. reading the linuxreadme.txt file, I find it has been replaced by hlds.

now I dont know whats going on. I'm looking at the dates in that readme file and they are a number of years old. I dont know what to believe.

Whats the chance I have somehow mysteriously downloaded an old defuct steam server, or has valve updated all of a sudden without a word?

please someone help here, I'm just losing my mind. oh btw. I got a team fortress 2 server working nicely, just getting cstrike is painful so far.

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