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Mapchange Problems AKA SCREEECH
Alright I can't take it any longer...

Here is the problem, if I enable "mp_timelimit 30" on my server (Fedora Core 3 runs great by the way) in 30 minutes when the server trys to do a map change it locks up. If you are in game you still chat but you can't move. If you go to the linux console you see:

error loading mapname
error loading mapname

scrolling down the console.

All you can do at that point is CTL-C and restart the server.

If you try to do a changelevel de_dust or whatever form the console or rcon nothing happens.

Thanks in advance!

Somebody help me! -The Mask


-How can you be in two places at once, when your not anywhere at all?
Same problem here. E-mailed Valve about it, they told me to reinstall the server (which is lovely, except the update doesn't seem to like working right now).
It may be harsh, but reinstalling did the trick. Suddenly map changes are possible. I'm also using a different cfg (generated by this:, so that may also have helped.

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