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Lossing internet connection when i join my game!!!!!!!
Hello I finally got my server up by changing the port to 27030 and when i try to join it freezes after loading 3 bars. Then I minimize my game and at the bottom right hand corner it says I have limited connection activity and i then have to restart my modem or router or whatever, I am running Vista, anyone know what the problem is?
Probably a router issue. I had that with my old router. Then we got fios so i got a new one and viola no problem. You could try opening up your ports.
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Vista is the problem!

Only kidding. I don't think what I describe here is the problem, but just as a slim chance and as something to check off the list, are you running Windows Media Player at the same time? There USED to be a nasty issue in Vista whereby network throughput plummeted sometimes when you were using it (basically, the clever guys at MS put the priority of WMP really high to try and fix issues with songs and videos skipping and being choppy, but in doing so they put it above the priority of the network interface Toungue). AFAIK this has been patched up now so as long as you keep current with the Windows updates you should be ok and this won't be the cause. As I said, it's just one possibility of many...

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