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Server issues - Urge to kill.............'scandir failed' ??
I dont seem able to connect - and the following is a copy of my output...

Can someone please help me to turn on, or install whatever I need to install....???

I'm a bit of a coding Numpty, but follow instruction very well.

I'm guessing its the 'scandir failed' thats causing me a problem???

Quote:Auto detecting CPU
Using Pentium II Optimised binary.
Auto-restarting the server on crash

Console initialized.
scandir failed:/home/srcds_l/./valve/SAVE
scandir failed:/home/srcds_l/./platform/SAVE
Protocol version 47
Exe version (cstrike)
Exe build: 02:38:31 Jul 7 2004 (2738)
STEAM Auth Server
couldn't exec language.cfg
"ip" is "localhost"
"maxplayers" is "6"
Server IP address xxxxxxxxxx :27015
Downloading Security Module from ...
Completed downloading Security Module from
Server is in Secure Mode.
scandir failed:/home/srcds_l/./valve/SAVE
scandir failed:/home/srcds_l/./platform/SAVE

couldn't exec listip.cfg
couldn't exec banned.cfg
No auth servers parsed
Disabling Valve Authentication.
Adding master server
Adding master server


Well it should actially be ok because it got to the adding master servers stage. Are you sure port 27015 isnt blocked on your computer and how about checking if you can see it on something like

as for scandir I not sure what that means but try typing in this
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/srcds_l/hlds_l:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
scandir failed means it faled to read that folder. it's not important as its looked for saved game files.

if it bothers you create the folder and it goes away Smile

UK2 Head CS Admin - N$M Clan DCL

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