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Configuring SourceTV relay servers...
Okay, I'm trying to get the proper number of TV slots to show up for my game server and relay server. I have a DODS game server running with SourceTV enabled and tv_maxclients set to 12. Then I have a SourceTV relay server running, connected to the game server, and it has tv_maxclients set to 14.

Both the game server and the relay server have different tv_name values so that I can see which one I'm connected to on the scoreboard.

However, when I look in the Spectate server listing, I see the game server's SourceTV listed, but only with 12 slots. When I connect, I see the relay server's tv_name.

Isn't it supposed to combine the available slot count for the two servers? Or does the game server automatically forward all spectators to relay servers when they are available even when it has slots itself? Is there a setting I'm missing to make this turn out right? Thanks.

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