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what plugin allows sound to be played on join?
im looking for the plugin that plays a custom sound file when you join the server (its local for the person who joins). ive seen it around and i thought "sounds:source" plugin would do it. but thats only "headshot, first blood, etc" type sounds (and from what iver read its been known to cause crashes)

so... what plugin do i need?
I've known a server which played a sound everytime you join running the Mani Mod Plugin, maybe you can check that out to see if it can do that.
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i have mani admin plugin, it plays sounds but only when an admin does so through the menu. i want something the client hears as soon as they see the motd.
LOL! Do you know HTML? The MOTD is html, just add the code to the file(must be online) and it will play. You can even add flash videos.
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oh man.... im a retard. i cant believe i didnt think of that!

boy did i overcomplicate that for myself. ive been dealing with convertin audio and uploading audio and creating and uploading res files as well as updating server and plugins so much in the past few days that it seemed everything in life needed a res file and 2 hours of trial and error before getting any indication that things are working half right!

but thanks, ill do that.
maybe u can add sound 2 your html text in motd???
with mani you can.. make sure you have the most up to date one.. and on the actionsoundlist.txt file.. you can make it do sounds when ppl join server, and like atta round start.. round end.. all sorts of stuff. and just comment out what you don't want, by default most of it is commented out.
I was going to say use the actionsoundlist.txt in the latest mani version

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