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friends cannot connect to my server

a couple of months ago I had severe issues getting my server to run by the means of other people can see it in the world server list and connect to it

I read about every portforwarding tutorial there is in general and on srcds in paticular

finally I realized it works if my friends manually add the server so I was satisfied since I play only in a small private circle and its not to hard distributing my ip

however two weeks ago after I updated the server (and made NO other changes whatsoever) my friends couldn't connect at all not even when they tried the 2nd method

I played around restartet my server my client the server machine no effect but suddenly mystically it worked. I figured it'd be a general connection issue and didn't bother..

But now after this weeks update (that included de_train and cs_compound)

my friend can't connect again he someteimes gets a my server with a ping of 2000

and then gets no response

I have to add that we use a ventrilo voice chat server on the same machine and he has no problem to connect and gets a ping of 70

so we played around now for like 2 hours getting no result since I didn't change any config stuff in the first place.

please spare me the portforwarding tipps since I have correctly done that proven by the fact that I already played on my server

has anyone any ideas or is this a server bug if so I address you guys at Valve please help me

it's such a great game and I'd like to play it.

I may have also found a bug (which I don't believe is in anyway related to the above problem)

my server is pwd protected and if you dblclick on it it steam asks you for the pwd but if you connect yousing the console command you dont need a pwd!
If no configuration was touched, then the only thing i could probably suggest is that you try reinstalling steam from scratch. if you're running ventrillo fine then the problem is not your ISP's routing. Though I would not rule that out.

I would also recommend checking the steam forums or perhaps contacting Steam. Normally I don't run windows, so you might want to wait for someone with better knowledge of running windows based servers.
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