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Empty Server - Need some help.
Hey, I just finished setting up my gentoo based CSS server w/ ZombieMod about a week / a week and a half ago, and I was just wondering if there is something wrong that I can't see;

I get quite a few hits (people joining the server) everyday, but no one ever makes it in game. It works fine for me, and I have a really low ping (like 5) and 2 friends of mine have tried it with similiarly good results (pings of 30-50), the exception being my friend out east (I'm hosting the server from BC Canada) . He finds a mediocre ping (90-130) from the server, and was able to connect and play for a few minutes, but then he timed out and was not able to reconnect even after multiple tries then and the following day.

I'm wondering if my server is having some issues with clients? In this regard I'm posting my server IP ((( ))) For you guys to check out. Is there a really long download time that I'm not aware of? Is there some sort of communication error between steam and my server?

Try it out, or give me your opinions, either would be great.

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