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fps drops 30-60 mins after server reboot.
I'm currently running windows server 2003 and have noticed that the server I run sustains tickrate the best right after a system restart, then it degrades to like 60-80 after about an hour or so. Server fps is 512 when the computer is restarted, then after an hour the fps is very variable and is anywhere from 60-500. Can anyone explain to my why this is happening, and is there a way to fix it? Is there a memory leak in the srcds program or should i be using some kind of system settings.

I have the srcds windows kernal timer resolution program running. I have tried setting the server performance for programs and memory not for background services, either way the same problem happens.

System specs: dual core opteron 1216, 2 gigs ram, running Microsoft windows server 2003 standard edition.

Any suggestions will help. Thank you.
tickrate does not change during operation of the game, you are getting that mixed up with fps.

also, gonna have to see more of your configurations.

Please post your server.cfg, your init string, and any other customization specifics you have.

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