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Renewing tutorials, updating and cleaning up
Dear SRCDS visitors,

As I'm now an admin on these forums I will actively start moderating the forums, I will start to clean up everything, old posts, flame topics etc. I will move topics to the correct forum sections and stuff like that.

I will also start writing all kinds of tutorials on SRCDS installation, configuration and all kinds of explanations. As some of you know there are also a lot of old tutorials hanging around that need to be updated (most of them don't even apply anymore), this will all happen, I will work on it every spare minute I have starting from this very moment.

I hope to bring great things in the near feature to these forums next to the help I will be providing. I want you all to know that you shouldn't hesitate to contact me here on the forums or over steam, I want to be reachable by everyone.

Well let's see what we can get going here,


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