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University Campus Net - my server doesnt show on internet
I live in dorms and am wanting to run this server to internet so some other people can play (not just the LAN folks)

I have tried everything from port forwards on my router, to removing the router, disabling firewalls, changing ports...

is getting to conect to public server not posible behind university net?

any questions/tips/advice please?
University net connections are notoriously tricky to run servers on. For one, its mostly a breech of the terms and conditions and they also do a lot of port blocking / traffic shaping.

They will most probably block incoming ports such as steam ones. If you have properly setup your router and still people can't connect - then port blocking by the Uni will likely be the cause.
yeah, i even conected my computer right into the ehternet port still no luck

can i force the server to use something like...port 21? or one that WOULD be open? if that is testable"?
You can force ports, but im not sure it would help.
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