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[Solved] Metamod
Ok I've installed linux (gentoo) for the first time ever, setup a server for the first time ever, and dealt with a whole bunch of routing problems for the millionth time. All this in the span of 8 hours Sad. Now it's that damn Metamod. The straight-forward installation page has left me with:

unknown command "meta"

what the hell??
I've put the file in /opt/halflife/css/cstrike/addons/metamod/bin (I did a pwd)

and I'm looking at the metaplugin.ini file in

I've triple checked the gameinfo.txt file, and the GameBin is in there letter by letter the same.

then I start the server:

unknown command "meta"

Geez I just re-read the the installation page for the trillionth time.

If you have the same problem:

# Add a line --->before<----- all of the "Game" entries that looks like this:

GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons/metamod/bin

You have to put GameBin BEFORE the other entries so it looks like this


!!! Damn.
i've done that and it still says unknown command!!!!!!!!!!!!

should this be installed in my C:/srcds/cstrike directory or my steam/cstrike directory!?!??!!

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