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[FREE] sv_downloadurl System
[10/10 SLOTS LEFT]


Some time ago I wrote that I was offering a so-called "sv_url-Proxy"
This system has now been ameliorated, performance-boosted and recoded.

As a result I can host -theoretically- hundreds of different gameservers of any hl1/source-based game and mod.
In a first step I would open 10slots, to check the script's performance and any possible issues.
If everything works fine, I'll open it for an undefined number of slots -for free of course.

What is it?
sv_url-Proxy is a script that combines the advantage of an externel Webspace where you upload your bz2-compressed maps with the direct access to the gameserver's map-folder.

How does it work
svurl-Proxy opens a connection to your gameserver's ftp and fetches the file the user requests (with a white-list on allowed folders to protect your config files).
In the next step the file is being compressed with bzip2 to reduce the filesize to the minimum. The file is then being stored on my rootserver and sent to the client.
Any further user downloading the same file will then be given the cached one.
The whole cache is being deleted as soon as the gameserver changes map (to prevent obsolete files from eating my disk space).

Security Issues?
The system has been tested on all security-related aspects and should be safe. The gameserver-owner can define his own whitelist of folders, where the user can download files from.
An optional referer-check can be activated, allowing only users on your gameserver to download the files.

What do you need for it to work?
You need to provide your ftp account details to your gameserver in order for the script to work. We can assure you that they will be kept safe and that they won't be used except for the script to fetch the files.
If required, we can fix a contract with you, defining the usage of the ftp account, so that you could go against us in court if we misused it.

Can I have the script
Unfortunately no. I coded the script for a gameserver-hoster and it is being licenced for reselling.

I am interested in a free hosting
Please write a short description of your gameserver, gameserver location, and contact details (PN are fine too) as a reply. The first ten will be taken for beta test.


I hope I can help anybody with this offer
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