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Team Fortress 2 / Dedicated Server Updated
Quote:Required updates to Team Fortress 2 and it's dedicated server have been
released. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive those updates. The
specific changes include:

- Added option to change Field-of-view, between 75 & 90, from the
Options->Multiplayer tab
- Added option to disable Player sprays
- Fixed flamethrower hit detection
- Increased flamethrower damage at point blank range
- Demoman grenades (not stickybombs) no longer explode on contact after
the first bounce
- Fixed a startup crash
- Fixed a case where players could get stuck in tc_hydro
- Fixed player movement prediction errors
- Fixed third-person sniper aim animation not matching player's view
- Fixed achievements and stats being awarded when watching other
player's demos
- Fixed rare server crash due to data corruption in networking
- Fixed a case where some sounds had incorrect volumes


If you have a modded server.dll or file - it will work no longer. I'll put up replacements soon.

32 Players (Linux):

32 Players server.dll (Windows):
pyros are mega powerful now

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