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tf2 autoupdate
Anyone got this working correctly ?

If so how Smile
i havnt yet, somehow valve thought it was a good idea to release an update in primetime last night. all the people on my server were auto-kicked and i had to take down the server to manually update.

fortunately, plenty reconnected when it came back up, methinks all the servers went down at this point and i was one of the few who brought it back up fast Toungue

either way, it complained stating it could not locate the steam executable (linux environment, gentoo, steam executable used for updating/downloading the mods, hldsupdatetool equivalent).

i'm thinking, if i get a chance again, i might just copy the executable to that directory and see if it can do it... but i fear some serious doubling of files in that case, unless it's smart about the directory structuring (since it now uses orangebox instead of simply tf).

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