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Help me !
hey i did my commands to run the server in geting strated and i did all the ways and opened my ports so the server can be runing online but there is a problam in the download if you can see in the forum the is (SRCDS) ANd i did format my pc and add all the stuff i needed but still there is a problam so is there a command or something anything i can do to make it work ?!? plz help.....
uhhh.. whats the problem??? Theres a problem with the download, whats the problem exactly?
i told u when i download the file it after the 2nd command (hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds) then i says (NO INSTALATION RECODS AT C:\SRCDS)
and i tryed all the ways and left my Pc on 4 13 hours and it says the same thing the file size is 1.58 there is some folders the cstrike and hl2 and there is more in them but still no stuff in them why ? so then it retrys again and again and again .... so what do i have 2 do in this problam ?
if i understand you correctly (which isn't that easy) you have a folder named c:\cstrike and you're trying to run the hldsupdatetool command. when it runs it quits in the middle? is that it? so you have the cstrike folder and the hl2 folder with stuff in it but you think there should be more? how big is the c:\strike folder? if the steam servers are busy (which will happen if they release a new game or update) you have to keep running the command over and over until it finishes.
Think he's saying when he starts to try to download the server files, where is says:

Quote:No installation record found at ./srcds

or whatever it says. I get it all the time too when i download the files.. but it only shows up 3-4 times then starts to download fine.

You hazz been burned by VALVe.
yeah i waited more more and more time and it did sayNo installation record found at c:/srcds 4 times and then it says (C:/srcds:and i can type
and i write the commands again and still notheing says winsock error 10054 ? what dose that mean

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