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need advice with server rates
hi, im trying to decide the best rates and max player limit for the following machine:

AMD ThunderBird 900 Mhz
640 MB PC133 SDRAM
5 Mbit download
1 Mbit upload
running Windows 2000

I would like to know what max amount of players the dedicated server can handle. I know that in this case the limitation would be caused by processing power and not bandwidth. It would also be great if i could get the rates to put in server.cfg file.

ok, as of rite now here are my settings

16 player server

sv_maxrate 6000
sv_maxupdaterate 13
fps_max 1000

the server lags every few seconds, but not constantly. the pings are fairly reasonable - around 40-80, but no matter how many people are in the server, all experience jittery gameplay of 1 sec lag every few seconds (this is even with just 1 player in the server)

im very confused on what it could be. any help would be greatly appreciated

Its probably the fact you're using low speed ram.
How fragmented is your hard drive?
How old is the memory? if you normally leave it running, the ram could probably be stressed thus not running at it full capacity.
Also, do you plan on playing on that machine as well? like, play on that machine while the server runs on it?
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thanks for replying cryotek,

i do not run the game on this machine, and i dont think this machine will be able to run it anyways. its entirely dedicated to the server with no other processes running except a firewall.

the hard drive i defragmented yesterday if thats what u mean.

as i said earlier im using 640 mbs of PC133 ram.


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