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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! ASAP
Ok I have a LAN PARTY starting on the 5th in Toledo Ohio and i have to have a counterstrike source server for this LAN PARTY but it has been for ever since i have set one up/ last year some time. Any way i have download the files and when i go to run it everthing looks ok. At frist it would crash i can not host a game in game and can not donwload it from steam so i download the hldsupdatetool and installed all the files. right now my bigest problem is i real want to used the gui but that is not working is there any way to get that to work again. my second qestion is it has been forever since i have setup zomble mod and would real like to have that on my server dose any one know how to set that up.

I will pay someone to have them help me set this up what i was thinking is a webx meeting they can take control of the computer and i will send them the money once they are done or if someone wants to do it for free that would be over nice of you and i would thank u so much it is for my b-day and hey you all are well come to come out we are shooting for 150 people.

FYI my email is
aim is general5544

PS sorry for the spelling real bad speller
for the most part the gui version of the standalone srcds has never really worked all that well. I would suggest running it in console version. As a way to get the gui version working properly. i have no idea. For zombie mod I would suggest doing a couple searches for that. Even on this forum there are posts about it. I believe they have a website and google would find that for ya.

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