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Tried everything Have no idea whats wrong.
Alright guys i have tried a bunch of stuff, have had a friend check it out and he dosent know whats wrong. And im just stumped. I set up the server perfectly and everything i run it and it connects to VAC and it is vac secured and everything. But people cant join it so its not going through the internet right. But its connected to VAC so it is connected....Right? Can someone enlighten me plz?
r u sure ur giving them ur public ip ?
If you have a router, make sure you have the ports forwarded. Also as dejv said, make sure you give your friend the public ip of the server. you being on the same lan will have to connect to the lan ip, where everyone else will have to connect to the public ip.
I am doing all of that. I have the ports forwarded im using and giving that out. Like i said my friend and myself are stumped.
If there isn't any plugins on the server, it has to be a port problem somewhere. check and re-check. Make sure the ports are forwarded to the right lan ip. If you have a router and modem, try plugging straight into the modem, make sure the modem doesn't have a firewall built in.
See Cant get on server from internet just to wave a dead chicken.

Can you connect to the server through your lan?

Test the internet connectivity separately from SrcDS:

1) You will need a separate windows computer to use as a client in this test. This machine must have internet access, and not be on the same LAN as you server. The point is to simulate someone connecting to your server through the internet.

2) Download the following:
3) Make sure that SrcDS is not running.

4a) Windows Server: Start Quetannon on the server.
Type 27030 into the port box next to the Listen button.
Click Listen.
Windows Firewall may prompt you, select allow/unblock.
You should see Accepted incoming connection.

4b) Linux Server: Start Listening Script
chmod +x

5) Windows Client: Start Quetonnan
Type your server's current external ip address from into the IP address box.
Type 27030 into the port box next to the Connect button.
Click Connect.
Windows Firewall may prompt you, select allow/unblock.
You should see Connected.

If you see Connection refused., you have a problem.

6) Use the text box next the Send button and the Send button to send text back and forth.
Note: At this time, is only able to receive messages.

2008 - 01/29 Updated - Fixed Argument "\0\0\0\0" isn't numeric warning.
2008 - 01/25 Attached script, clarified instructions.


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