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A bunch of problems...
On our HL2DM server we are having quite a few problems...
  • No one can talk, text chat
  • Hit registration (When I shoot someone there is blood everywhere but on the other persons computer, I missed)
  • Mani Admin Plugin doesn't report head shots
  • Mani Admin Plugin's death beems is always pointed at the players feet
  • It is much harder to catch grenades

We run Mani Admin Plugin, Mattie Eventscripts, Es Tools and Spawn/Chat Protection but it ain't the mods causing the problem because we never had this before and with a clean install of srcds without the mods it does the same thing!

Please help us!!!

Also can someone explain what cl_interpolate and cl_interp does/is?!

No text/chat is a known bug for Linux HL2DM servers and a patch is being made. You also might find that some of the other problems will also be caused by the latest update.

As for interp stuff, some light reading HERE

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