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*NEWBIE* Can't find my server, but everyone else can...
Hi all,

Sorry to be such a newbie lUser, but I really HAVE searched the forums the best I can...

I have a server set up as a dedicated CS:S machine, and it is up and running perfectly. All my buddies can see it, log in, and play just fine.

I have a SEPERATE machine that happens to be on the same network, and I want to play CS:S with my friends, but I can't see of find the server by IP address no matter what I try... most frustrating!

Can somebody please point me to a source (no pun intended) where I can find the info I need. I don't really know what I am looking for so therefore can't seem to find it :-(


You don't have to put your external Ip Adresse!!!! You have to put your local Ip Adresse to the Favourites....for example I have to add !!! AND Not !!! Just for example !
I hope I helpt you !

See ya Michi

P.S.: Sry for my English
Ah, that works perfectly....

Thanks you SO much! I have spent HOURS trying to fix this!

Your English is fine!


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