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if there is over 6 people on my server it starts to lagg. i have a 24mbit internett and live in sweden i have open ports and the firewall is down iam running the server on the newest version of windows xp. also i don't use any mods on the server execpt AMX but i should still be able to have more then 6 people whit 24mbit? if anyone know what might be casuing the lagg please tell me i will be most greath full Toungue i have a rather bad computer iam not sure if that might have anything to do whit it but if it does please tell me what computer speck is required for a 16 slot server whit about 30-50 ping
that 24mbit internet would probably be download, which doesn't mean squatt with running a server. Only thing that matters is upload. Also, what exactly do you mean by a bad computer, what are the specs of it?
And you're talking about AMX, so you must mean a 1.6 server, right?

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