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Server not responding
Hi guys,

Awhile back i had a CS server running fine. I have made a new one as of new server and no one can connect and it gives "Server not responding" error. Have fowarded all the ports correctly, basically done everything the same as last server but it just won't let people connect.

You can try and connect and see for yourself as server runs 24/7

Please if anyone has any idea'd let me know im willing to try.

it doenst show up on gamemonitor so...
I know that.... Thats is why i was asking if someone has come across this problem before or if someone has any ideas that i can try....

MaTtY Wrote:it doenst show up on gamemonitor so...
try dmz
Are you running multiple servers on the same box? In that case you have to use different ports for each instance.
If I had to guess with the limited info you gave. I would say you don't have your ports forwarded correctly. That or you just left the ports forwarded from your previous install of srcds, and the ip on the pc running the server has changed so the ports are being sent in the wrong direction. Either way sounds like a port problem to me. So check that over.

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